What I Have Learned Writing For The Fitness & Health Industry

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What I Have Learned Writing For The Fitness & Health Industry

Fitness and health have become a huge part of everyday life for so many people. What started as an almost exclusive luxury for many people has turned into something everyone can enjoy. Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to write for a variety of health and fitness sites as well as my own personal site. As a writer and someone who enjoys reading content, I have had the opportunity to be part of the fitness and health industry and learn so much directly.

Everyone has a story

One of the most compelling parts of writing is being able to share your story. One thing I realized with my stories, is they quickly became the stories of so many other people. We tend to think our experiences are exclusive, but when you share them on an online platform, you meet so many people who relate and who have had similar circumstances. For me this has reinforced the power of community and knowing that everyone’s story is important to share. Ten people can write a similar story but each one has a unique twist that will relate to a reader differently. Always be willing to share your story.

Everyone’s Willing to Help

Tying in a bit to the power of community and the feeling of fitness being exclusive, originally it felt like the secrets of the trade were just that, secrets. Those who got fit and found success, shared their tips with a select few while everyone else was stuck on the same weekly treadmill routines and seeing very little success. Writing for fitness and health has showed me how many people are willing to give tips and their own personal touches to help other people reach success. Knowing there are so many people wanting to teach and share has given me the drive to always want to share as much as possible. The more we share our knowledge the better we become as a collective group.

Writing helps heal

Writing has always been known to be a great release, but I never really experienced it until I started writing about health and fitness. From topics I’m passionate about, research articles, success stories and even failure stories, writing has become an outlet for me to heal. Sharing my personal experiences and thoughts allows me to release energy, good or bad. When it’s good, I am able to support and motivate so many other people. When it’s bad, people come and support me. Most articles that start off from a bad experience allow me to find some type of peace by the last sentence. That’s important to me and for readers.

What’s next for me

Health and fitness have allowed me to take my a passion and turn it into an ability to connect with so many people over the world. As I continue to experience more in my health and fitness journey, I am glad I am able to write more, teach and learn. Writing has become a full circle experience that allows me to know if I’ve had an impact on the lives of people. Although my time feels limited, I always want to find ways to continually provide and support the health and fitness community. You should too.

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