Good and Bad Writing Practices for the Health and Fitness Niche

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As a writer for ProForm and NordicTrack for a few years, I’ve learned a few things about writing for the health and fitness niche. Since many of the lessons I’ve learned came out of mistakes made, I’m seeking to educate others, so they don’t make the same ones.

Grammar and Spelling

It is highly important to make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect when writing for the health and fitness niche. People will not trust what you’re saying if they find mistakes in your writing. If you have trouble proofreading your writing, it’s wise to invest in an editor. An editor can review your articles for grammar and spelling, as well as style.


Do not write in a condescending way because you know more about health and fitness than your readers. People seeking information in the health and fitness niche are often feeling inadequate. Your job is to make them feel empowered. You do that through compassion. Identify how they are feeling, and let them know their feelings are normal. You can offer them information, solutions, and ideas for improving their overall well being.


People do not want to read long drawn out articles about the science behind health and fitness. They want to learn information in an entertaining way. You can do this by writing in a conversational tone. Write as if you are talking to your friend over a cup of coffee. When you do this, your reader will engage and be more likely to read your articles until the end.


No matter how much you know about the health and fitness niche, you still need to do research. New studies are being done every single day, and those results are being released. You need to stay on top of the latest findings, so you give your readers the most up-to-date information.

Research also ensures the information you provide is accurate. There’s nothing worse than giving people false information, especially in the health and fitness niche. This is incredibly discrediting. Also, it’s helpful to site the sources you’re using to write your articles to help validate your content.

Last but Not Least – Be Genuine

People can tell when you’re just writing something to sell products. Focus on the goals people want to achieve, rather than on selling products. This way you will be able to show them you truly do care about your audience and their needs.

Kevin Jones is a freelance writer, researcher and fitness instructor/consultant. He had helped hundreds of people find ways to become more fit and healthy through a balanced life focusing on an individualized approach to their nutrition and fitness. In addition, Kevin has written extensively in the fitness and health industries, including writing for companies such as ICON Fitness for both the NordicTrack and ProForm brands. Connect with Kevin online; LinkedInTwitter

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